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Personalized Mobile Massage in the Santa Clarita Valley

Welcome to Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage, where I blend the healing power of touch with over two decades of expertise. As a seasoned bodyworker, my journey includes a decade at a chiropractic office, shaping a profound understanding of the intricate connections within the body.

At Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage, I go beyond the conventional, offering more than just a foo-foo massage. I specialize in unlocking pain and stress relief through personalized massage techniques and tools, including deep tissue & cupping. My mission is to address a spectrum of concerns, catering to those seeking relief from chronic pain, chronic stress, post-surgery recovery, and other injuries.

For high level professionals, business owners, athletes, or seniors, my targeted therapies provide a vital respite. I extend my decades of experience to those undergoing post-operative recovery, moms, dads, caregivers seeking stress relief, athletes with injuries, chronic pain sufferers, and seniors embracing holistic well-being.

What sets me apart is not just the depth of experience but a keen awareness of how stress impacts the body. I navigate the complexities of the upper back, shoulders, and neck, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being. No need to for you to travel anywhere; I bring the expertise to your home (or office), creating an environment where you can slow down, breathe, and truly enjoy the transformative benefits of my mobile massage services.

Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage is not just a service; it’s an experience tailored to restore your body to its natural balance, empowering you to embrace life fully. Discover the difference of therapeutic expertise and personalized care with Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage.

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How we can work together

Care for your body, both physically and mentally through a full-body massage. This blended style of massage is a mixture of a many styles such as the commonly known Swedish-American and Deep Tissue styles, paired with 20+ years of experience and intuition for what your body needs, and what you want. I help your body dissipate the aches, pains and stresses of life at the pressure that is right specifically for you. Escape from life one hour at a time.

Create a mini escape in the middle of your work day, whether it is in your office, golf course, or on-set production, or location. Studies show that the brain can begin to recharge with just a few minutes of massage. It can help people focus and de-stress the neck and shoulders from all the computer work.  This in turn makes your employees and/or crew in better moods, are more productive and are able to focus on the tasks at hand.  It’s a win-win all the way around (Minimum One Hour).

In this self-paced course, you will learn 3 different techniques to release your stress and transform into calm.  You can do all three modules in about 15 minutes. Or choose just one module and feel relief in about five minutes.  We are not taught how to deal with stress, nor are we taught how to release stress.  This course shows you three different techniques to help with relieving your daily stress, all in about 5-15 minutes of time.

kind words from my clients

  • “I had a massage by Diane as a birthday gift and she was awesome! It was so convenient to not have to drive anywhere and have someone give you a massage in the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage!” – Susan Bibicoff

    Susan Bibicoff
  • “I have been prone to headaches most of my life. When the Santa Ana winds blow I suffer doubly due to allergies. After a particularly bad bout of Santa Ana winds vs. my head, I felt that the Santa Ana winds would finally be victorious. As luck would have it I was attending a holiday boutique on Saturday morning when I walked into the room Diane was giving chair massage to a friend of mine. The light bulb suddenly went on as I realized that if nothing else Diane could give me a little relief. A little relief was not meant to be because after a mere 10 minutes massage I was headache free for the first time in over a week!  Thank you, Diane.” –  Julie Molinare, The Grass Is Always Greener

    Julie Molinare
  • “Diane Stacy is truly one of the best massage therapists out there. I toured with Guns N’ Roses and met millions of them because we would hire one in each city we played so we could relax in a very stressful environment.” —Craig Duswalt, CEO Rockstar System For Success, Former Manager for Axl Rose of Guns N’ Rose

    Craig Duswalt
  • I was referred to Diane at Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage by my chiropractor, Dr. Wildemuth in early September of 2019. I had an injury that left me in a lot of pain and while my chiropractor always does an amazing job of helping me to feel better, I needed something more, so he recommended Diane.  I was excited by the prospect of not having to go somewhere to get a massage, but was a little unsure about having someone I didn’t know come to my home when I was hurting, feeling especially vulnerable and weak. That being said, I texted her anyway. She returned my text with a phone call and was able to schedule an appointment for me later that day. Making an appointment with Diane was the best decision I could have made for myself. Diane is warm and personable, she is empathetic and sensitive to her clients. She is wicked funny, smart and adorable, but most importantly she is an excellent massage therapist. When Diane arrived at my home, I felt immediately at ease. She brought with her a huge massage table and everything else she would need to work on me. She asked lots of questions to get a feel of what I needed AND she listened and implemented everything we had discussed. Although, I am sure she gives an amazing relaxation massage that is not what I wanted or needed. I needed someone who understood what a deep tissue massage is and get in there and make things happen. Diane did not disappoint. She worked on the areas in my neck, back and shoulders that were hurting, for an hour and a half.

    Before she worked on me I could not lift my left arm higher than my shoulder, I could not blow dry my hair like a normal person and I could not pivot my arm behind me to unhook my bra or shrug my shoulders because of the injury, after she worked on me, my pain went from an 8 to about a 4 and although my muscles were sore…deep tissue massage side effect…but so good…my range of motion in my shoulder increased immediately after she was done. I could raise my arm a little higher and without so much pain. The next evening I unhooked my bra without even thinking about it and have been able to since then, as well as, being able to blow dry my hair standing upright. I have been having Diane massage me several times a month since last September and while I still have pain, it is definitely more manageable. Unless I sleep on my left side, my range of motion is almost normal now. I couldn’t be happier with my progression and while I would LOVE to keep Diane to myself, because she always books up fast, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else who is hurting and needs a great massage therapist. BTW-her prices are almost way too fair and reasonable for what she does, which is go above and beyond for her clientele to make sure they are feeling good and living their best lives.

    Thank you Diane for helping me so much. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Deanna Daniels
    Canyon Country, CA

    Deanna Daniels
  • As a chiropractor I have had numerous massages over the years by different massage professionals. I highly recommend this company. Very professional, experienced and she knows her craft!! She is mobile and listens to you and will address the problem area. Thanks again!!! Will definitely be a repeat patient.

    Dr, Brian W.

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