Sometimes people dismiss massage as therapy. Actually most of the time people dismiss it as something of a luxury instead of therapy! From the amazing results I’ve seen both in my practice plus my 10 years in a chiropractic office, massage is definitely something more then a luxury. It’s a therapy most people need, especially athletes!  Some of the results I’ve seen have been clients in various types of accidents, injuries and surgery recovery going from a pain level of 8 or 9 out of 10 to 0 out of 10.  In addition, there is the range of motion going from barely being able to move the affected region to full range of motion again.

author Jack Meagher of the Sports Massage book, claims sports massage gives an athlete 20% more in the areas of performance, injury prevention, flexibility and career longevity!  He further states “comprehensive, therapeutic massage is so powerful because we can identify trouble spots such as adhesions and spams and restore tissue before these conditions become injurious.